Brave Witches - PitaColle Rubber Strap - 1 Random Rubber Strap

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Comes with only 1 random rubber strap per order.

This is NOT sold as a set.

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Cute PitaColle rubber straps of the "Brave Witches" characters clinging to their personal marks!
You can get one of the following lineup:
-Hikari Karibuchi
-Takami Karibuchi
-Naoe Kanno
-Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
-Waltrud Krupinski
-Aleksandra I Pokryshkin
-Georgette Lemare
-Sadako Shimohara
-Edytha Rossmann
-Gundula Rall

  • Pitacolle, Kadokawa
  • Approximately 6.5cm in diameter