Ichimatsu Series - Dark Brown


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Tradition meets technology in Sekisui's sleek, innovative tatami mats. Mats are woven in traditional Igusa style with calcium carbonate-coated polypropylene plastics, which are durable, moisture-resistant, and shock-absorbent.
Unlike traditional rush-weave tatamis, Sekisui's Migusa Tatamis prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Recommended for those with allergies and perfect for children, the elderly, and yoga enthusiasts as these mats are also non-slip, formaldehyde-free and soundproof. No creaking!
Migusa tatamis provide a luxurious option for those who prefer traditional Japanese futon mattresses or extra-firm surfaces that also "give in." Simply lay a futon mattress over 2 of these boards, or place on your raised futon bed frame underneath your futon. You can even use it as floor covering. 

Made in Japan

32 11/16" width X 32 11/16" height X 5/8" depth, 4.7lbs. (83 cm width X 83cm height X 1.5cm depth. 2.14kg).