GOODSMILE RACING & TYPE-MOON RACING - Nendoroid Plus - Collectible Rubber Keychains & Badges - 1 Random Rubber Keychain or Badge

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Comes with only 1 random rubber keychain or tin badge per order.

This is NOT sold as a set.

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You can get one of the 6 of the lineup:

- Altria Pendragon Racing Ver. Rubber Keychain

- Altria Pendragon Racing Ver. Tin Badge

- Jeanne d'arc Racing Ver. Rubber Keychain

- Jeanne d'arc Racing Ver. Tin Badge

- Nero Claudius Racing Ver. Rubber Keychain

- Nero Claudius Racing Ver. Tin Badge

  • Rubber Keychain: Approximately 6.5cm (Depending on variety)
  • Can Badge: Approximately 6cm in diameter
  • Goodsmile Racing, Type-Moon Racing